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April 20th, 2012

Pottery Painting Party


Planning a party and looking for something special? Brooklyn pottery can help! We specialise in parties for all ages, from tots to grannies, with special birthdays, bridal/ hen parties and baby showers along the way. Choose from a range of over 200 items of pottery bisque, or if you have a specific theme for the party, tell us and we’ll do our best to find something special for the big day. You might just want your creative guests to design a simple mug or bowls. We’ll provide pens and paper so they can spend time planning and drawing their designs first, before copying the designs on to their mug/bowl using felt tip pens that magically disappear when fired in the kiln. There is a wide range of paint colours, or they can get get creative and make their own colours.

All pottery will be professionally glazed and fired in our kiln. We will let you know when the pottery is ready for collection. This is usually with 7 days.

All paint, glazing and firing is included in the price. If you choose the party room option, you will have exclusive use of the party room and we will provide soft drinks for the guests. The birthday person will also receive a small plate from us, which can be signed by all the people at the party. A lovely way to remember a special day.

Time: The time varies – some people like to send a long time perfecting their piece, but most parties last between 1 ½ to 2 hours. If you want to use the party room, we will book it for a 2 hour block for you.

Numbers: The minimum number is 10, maximum 15.

Party Food: You are very welcome to bring your own food and do your own catering, but we can provide simple party bags or buffet if required.

Parking. There is a free car park behind Brooklyn Pottery.

Booking: Give us a ring on 0161 480 5139, or email us your request, and we will get back to you to discuss individual details. We also strongly recommend you visit us before the party to have a look around, get ideas for your theme, and chat to us about how we can help make it a memorable occasion for you and your guests.

Contact us for more information or to make a booking.

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