Firing Problems

Unfortunately there is a small risk (3%) that your pottery bisque may be damaged in the firing process. This is because pottery bisque can sometimes have small faults which can only be seen after they have been through the firing process.

If you are one of the very few unlucky people this happens to (less than 3%), we would like you to know that we would also be very disappointed and upset when this happens, although this is beyond our control and is an accepted hazard in the Industry. Our policy is to offer a full refund for the pottery, or invite you to re-paint a replacement item free of charge (the same item or same price replacement).

1. Do we need to book?
Normally you do not need to book and you are welcome to just drop in and paint, however to avoid disappointment or a wasted visit, you are welcome to phone and book a table. We would also advise booking a table during school holidays (or in the run up to Christmas and Mother’s and Father’s Day).

2. Do I need to be artistic?
No definitely not. We have a selection of stamps, sponges, stencils, examples and ideas books. Our welcoming and experienced staff are on hand to help with ideas, techniques and suggestions.

3. If I can’t paint will you paint it for me?
Yes, you can commission us to paint a piece especially for you. We are happy to talk through ideas and create your bespoke piece. Please note there will be a charge for the artists time and work.

4. How much does it cost?
Our smallest pottery pieces start from £5.50 including studio fee. There are over 200 items of pottery to choose from so there should be something to suit every taste and pocket.

5. How many days will it be until the pieces are ready?
Usually up to 7 days but this will be longer during busy holiday periods. We always do our best to process items quickly if they are needed for a special occasion, it’s usually best to mention this when booking your table. If there is a very large order which needs to be fired specially or seperately, we may need to make an additional extra charge.

6. Do you have refreshments in the shop?
Yes, we have a fine selection of hot and cold drinks. We are proud to serve illy coffee and have cakes and biscuits. We regret we are unable to serve food, this is because of the very high demand for tables during peak times. We can provide lunch boxes and buffets for party bookings in our party room, however these do need to be ordered in advance.

7. Is there anywhere to park close by?
Yes, there is a car park directly behind the shop. You can access it from either Gilmore Street or The Grove – both lead onto the free car park.

8. Can I pay by card?
Yes we take payments in cash or by card.

9. Do you have a baby changing facility?

11. How long can I stay and paint/how long does it take/what happens if I don’t finish in time?
We would normally recommend booking your table for around 1.5 hours. Sometimes young children may finish faster than this – it depends on the child. Some people like to take a long time to paint, and we are usually very happy for them to do this, providing we don’t have a queue of people waiting for a table. Some people prefer to make two visits to complete their pottery, which is also fine although please note, we may have to charge a studio fee for the second or subsequent visits.

12. Will you help me with my baby prints?
We have lovely friendly staff – with experience of working with children and babies – who are always happy and willing to help at no extra charge. If you would like help, We would recommend you visit on one of our quieter days, so we can give you as much help as you need.

13. Can I bring my own food?
You are welcome to bring food along to parties in our party room. We have snacks and drinks available, so would respectfully request that people do not bring their own food or drink (unless it is for their baby)

14. Can I buy a piece I have seen in the shop window?
Yes most of our pieces are available to buy so please ask. You can always come along and copy something you like. We are always here to help.

15. Can I put my piece in the dishwasher/microwave?
Your pottery is not safe for the microwave but will be safe for occasional dishwasher use.

16. What if I’m not happy with the finished pottery piece?
Sometimes faults can occur during the firing and glazing process that are beyond our control and that are not obvious before they are fired. If you are amongst the very few people this happens to, our policy is to offer a full refund or offer you a free replacement painting session.

17. Do you have protective aprons for children and adults?
Yes and the paint will also come out of your clothes as they are water based and non-toxic.

18. Do you have a room to hire for parties?
Yes we have a private party room available to hire for pottery painting parties.

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