Monthly Archive January 2014


Corporate Events

Are you looking to add a bit of zing to your corporate events? Perhaps you’re having an office party and want something a bit different?
We run corporate pottery painting events in Stockport, either in our studio in Shaw Heath, or we can provide the resources for you to paint on-site.  Ceramic painting is a fun activity, which gives your staff and colleagues the opportunity to express themselves, whilst encouraging team interaction.

Some ideas:

Paint a mug with an image that represents your own character – or reflects the Company ethos. Or create a set of mugs to impress visitors.

Paint something for a colleague – a great opportunity to get to know your work colleagues. Spend a few minutes chatting and finding out something about them personally, then create a mug reflecting their hobbies and interests. Or why not create a new ‘Superhero’ character for them on their mug? You might prefer to go “secret santa” style by painting for a colleague then letting everyone guess who painted which pottery when its delivered.

Paint a tile or canvas for the workplace using messages from your own companies ethos or positive thinking messages

You’ll be surprised at what you produce! Before you know it you’ll be chatting away and getting to know your colleagues in a whole new way. A visit to Brooklyn will leave you with a shared experience to talk about, especially if you display the finished pieces at work!
We’ll be happy to answer all enquiries and help wherever we can.